The Food Box

Street food with a vintage twist

Our beautiful converted horse box (otherwise known as The Food Box) is a perfect option for a range of our catering options and perfectly suited to our street food range. Completely refurbished and redesigned to all us to serve a range of food without the need for a room or space. If you have room for us to park up, we ca do the rest.

The Food Box can be completely personalised using the huge chalk board under our serving hatch and our chalk “A” boards. Whether you decide to have freshly made crepes or our wonderful locally produced ice cream, the Food Box is a perfect way to do it.

Ideally we will take power from your venue (two 13 amp sockets as a minimum) or we can bring our own generator (just remember it will make a bit of noise, so a plug socket is a much nicer option)

We are very happy to discuss larger corporate bookings – store opening, marketing events etc…

The Food Box for public events & festivals

Street food is a must have at many public events and we are more than happy to consider bringing our Food Box to larger public events, fetes, festivals and fund raisers.

There may be a minimum number of expected visitors required

Attendance may depend on the number and types of other caters yo have coming


We are happy to discuss a pitch fee or percentage of takings for this type of event.

Please note that we do not offer this option for private events

Where power is not available we may able to bring a petrol generator

Catering options available

The Food Box can be booked with any of the following (or any combination):

Please see the individual service pages for more details and an idea of costs


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