Crepes are just for pancake day

I’ve lost count of the times people have said to me “crepes are just pancakes and it’s not pancake day” I’m also always being told that pancakes (or crepes as we like to call them) are sweet. Who’d even have though about ruining them with cheese, ham and even BBQ sauce. God forbid we even move the jar of Nutella, lol! But the truth is, crepes are an amazing and very versatile street food – just ask the French, they LOVE them! But it’s been a battle. It’s actually very easy to change peoples minds when they are stood on the ramp up to the serving hatch on our horse box, watching us make a crepe live in front of them (I’ve always called what we do “performance food”). It starts with the amazed expressions when they see the batter evenly spread over a huge cast iron plate (OK, there are a few tricks of the trade involved here, but honestly, it’s not quite as easy as it looks – just ask some of my staff) and as the filling get added they are usually completely won over. We regularly here “do I really get all of that” and “that looks amazing”. Then they bite into one and we have a brand new convert to savoury crepes. Even the people who just can’t bring themselves to go all the way usually leave realising that sugar and lemon isn’t the start AND finish for a pancake. Even the sweet crepes are crammed full of yummy things. But it’s not quite as easy to convince people who aren’t there in front... read more