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Maybe you like to be a little bit different? Or maybe you just don't have that sweet tooth that everyone else does. Then you are in the right place. Imagine your wedding, but with a special and exciting twist. Your birthday party and the lights go out, or maybe it's just a party. You come to cut the cake, your guests have there camera's out , but rather than reaching for the napkins, you hand out crackers and chutney!

We make cakes that are just a little different. Three, four or maybe five tiers, decorated with stunning seasonal flowers or fruit, but made entirely of cheese!


Serves up to 75 Guests         £250
Serves up to 150 Guests       £350
Serves up to 250 Guests        £490


Bottom layer - Montgomery Ogglesheild
2nd Layer - Olde Sussex
3rd Layer - Saint Andre
4th Layer - Mrs Temple's Binham Blue
Top layer - Coeur de Neufchatel

Decoration - Fruit - Cherry tomato's, grapes & parsley

Bottom layer - TBC
2nd Layer - Cornish Yarg
3rd Layer - TBC
4th Layer - TBC
Top layer - Vintage Chedder

Decoration - Flowers & Bear Grass - to clients colour scheme

Bottom layer - Duckett's Caerphilly
2nd Layer - Smart's Double Gloucester
3rd Layer - Cornish Yarg Wild Garlic
4th Layer - Dorset Drum Cheddar Truckle
Top layer - Godminster Vintage Cheddar

Decoration - Grapes, Strawberries & Orange with West Ham colour ribbons

Tel: 01728 752 752