Creative Catering & Entertainment

One of the leading suppliers of creative catering & entertainment for events, parties & weddings across the East of England. With our fastidious attention to detail, amazing team and the most unique and amazing services you will ever see, you will understand why we are the choice for so many

For those times when only the best will do....

Attention to detail that is second to none

Unique & memorable

Our services will leave you speechless

More fun than you can imagine

Bespoke, personal and all with our unique brand of fun

Creative Catering

Bespoke, amazing and unique food for amazing events

Entertainment & Music

Music, DJ’s & lighting you will never forget


The extra touches

The little things that will make sure your event is remembered by everyone

Staff treats

Street food is a perfect way to reward and say thank you to your staff. Have a look at what we can do

Environmental responsibility

While we aim to make what we do as unique, amazing and fun as we possibly can, we are committed to doing that with the minimal impact to our environment as is possible. Please click to find out how we put our responsibility into practice

Food preferences & intolerance

We want EVERYONE to enjoy what we do. We understand that some of our customers choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, while others may have food intolerances that make what they can eat more difficult. Please click to find out how we manage what we do so you don’t have to